What to Expect

We make every client our top priority. We ensure that you have a great time during your session. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations every single time. It's our job to make you look great, all you have to do is smile and have fun! We promise that you will receive portraits you will be excited to display in your home with pride.


Why should I choose Imprinted Photography?


At Imprinted Photography we photograph from the heart. We love what we do and we love seeing our happy customers grow throughout all of life's milestones, Our photography is full of emotions which is what we love so much about what we do. We want you to become part of the Imprinted family not just another customer. We get to know you and create an experience you can't find anywhere else. We use the newest equipment and make it a proiority to stay updated with the newest techniques and gear by making it a priority to continue our education by going conventions and following the worlds greatest in the photography world. 


Who are you guys?


We are a couple photography team. Kyle is our head photographer and lighting expert, Carly is our professional poser and 2nd photographer. We find that our 10 year relationship has helped us work so perfectly together, we can almost read each others minds and that helps us give you more than most photographers can offer. We love meeting new people and both of us are perfectionists so we want to make sure you have such a great experience so that you won't want to go anywhere else.


I am on a budget is there anything for me?


We offer Mini sessions which are 45 minutes in length. Not all types of sessions can be booked for mini sessions so please let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to help.


Why do I need to sign a contract?


Contracts are required to protect our agreement with you. They protect the agreement we have made about cost, time, location and services that we agree to preform. This contract protects you and us to assure everyone is on the same page. We make it super easy for you to sign it electronically and email it back to us when you book your session.


When is my deposit due?


We might require you pay your 50% Retainer at the time of booking to secure your session time. This is a non-refundable payment. Once the Retainer is paid we will not offer your time slot to any other client. This is why this is a non-refundable fee. Our time is valuable and so is yours.  So please let us know if anything comes up as soon as you can so we can avoid any issues.


So you have your session booked, now what?


​After you book your session you will have a pre-session consultation with us during which you will get our undivided attention. One of the reasons we do this is to get to know you better so we can serve you best. Along with addressing all of your questions we will discuss all of the important details like what to wear, what to bring, and what colors are in your home so we can make sure your new piece of art will compliment your family's style. These consultations are crucial for everyone involved so that there aren't any surprises the day of your session.


Where will my session be held?


All of our sessions are held either outside or at another location of your choice. We do not have a studio but we feel sessions held at locations that have meaning to you makes the end result more real and can bring out the most genuine emotion. If you are having hard time thinking of a location we have many places to suggest but remember that some locations do have fees and appointments required.  So make sure to ask them before we come.


​How do I choose what to wear?


We can help you plan your outfits if you would like. We have a better idea of what looks best on camera and how to coordinate colors and items of clothing that blend best together. If you are having multiple outfits, we recommend that you have one at least one casual and one more formal outfit. Also, you will receive a "What to Expect PDF" before your session to help you prepare, but feel free to ask us if you have any other questions. 


What if I want the family pet in my family session?


​Of course! Our dogs are just like our children so we totally agree that a family portrait isn't the same without our furry family members. Please let us know if you are planning on bringing your pet(s) and we ask you bring a friend along to take care of the pet(s) during the parts of the session when the pet isn't involved.


​Do you have props for me to use during my session?


Yes, we have a variety of props from which to choose.  But, you need to let us know ahead of time if there is something specific you would like so that we can make sure we have it available for you. If there is anything you want to bring feel free to do so. But, we ask that you let us know in case there are any restrictions at the location.


What types of payments do you accept the day of the session?


The rest of your payment is due at the time of your session. We accept cash and check for session fees. You may use cash, check, or credit cards to purchase your prints.


How soon can I see my images?


Within one week you will receive an email containing a link to a password protected gallery on our Client page of our website. At this point the images in your gallery will be color-corrected and cropped ONLY. We do this so that you can choose which images you would like us to put through our custom retouching process. We make this super easy for you by letting you choose the images on your proofing page by simply by pressing the heart icon associated with that image. You can also make notes for each picture for more specific directions for retouching.


How many images can I choose to have retouched?


It depends upon the type of session you have chosen. If you want more than the package you have chosen, you may purchase more images to be retouched.


Can I have any input in which images you retouch ?


Yes, when you choose your favorite images for us to retouch you may make notes for any retouching requests you may have. We want you to love the way you look in every image which is why we make sure our changes are subtle and only compliment your natural beauty. We will work with you until you are absolutely thrilled with the final product.


When will I get to see the finals?


​Up to two weeks after we receive your list of images you will receive another email with an updated link to your new password protected gallery. We password protect your gallery because we respect your privacy, but you can also pass on this password and link to your friends and family so they can view and order their own prints without having to put the pressure on you!


I can't wait to purchase my prints, how do I do that?


​All of the final high resolution images in your gallery can be purchased through us directly from your gallery. We use a professional printer and we can ensure the final products will reflect the high quality of the images you received from us.


Why can't I just take the images to my local store and print them?


Without using our professional quality printer handle this delicate process, we cannot guarantee that your images will be printed to the quality you have invested in. We take such pride in our detailed custom work, we only use a trusted professional printer who is experienced in handling professional quality images. They handle each image with care, adjusting color and clarity for each image before it is carefully printed on the highest quality professional printers available. If you really insist you can purchase the digital copies for one or all of your images from us.


Are there different formats and products you offer for my images?


​Yes! You can order you images in many different forms like invitations and announcements, beautiful customized albums, or on materials like canvas, metal, wood, and large format prints which are a perfect addition to any room of your home. The images can also be printed on different styles of paper (Glossy, Matte, Metallic, and Silk). 


​Why should I get them printed, aren't we in the digital age?

​ Digital images last only a few years on a CD or a thumb drive because neither were made to last more than 3-5 years. Framed photos become timeless family heirlooms which preserve your families milestones and memories for generations to come. This is one of the reasons why we take such pride in our craft.


How long do you hold my images?


We hold your retouched images for 3 years. If you would like us to hold all of your images let us know and we will do that as well. You can always contact us in the future if you want to order any other prints or products.


I had such a great experience with you guys, can I do anything to help you?


Well, first of all we pride our selves in our customer experience. Our business relies on word of mouth and referrals so please feel free to spread the word however, whenever, and wherever you can. You can tag us in your images on social media, our tags for both instagram and Facebook are @imprintedphotos (or you can click on the icon on the bottom of our site to find us). You can also leave reviews on our Google and Yelp business pages. Thanks so much and don't forget you will receive 10% on your next session for referring us!



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