Tips for preparing for your Newborn Session-NJ Newborn Photographer

Newborn Session are my favorite type of session to do! These squishy little babies are just so irresistible! But when you have just had a baby and are in the chaotic first weeks of you new babies life, adding the pressure of getting ready for your Newborn Photography Session can seem like a lot. We always share some tips with our new moms so they know what to expect and how to prepare but I wanted to share my most important tips with everyone so that the stress of having a total stranger come to your home and handle your new little one is a little less.

#1 TALK TO YOU PHOTOGRAPHER AND ASK THEM ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS YOU CAN THINK OF BEFORE HIRING THEM. Ask them any and all questions you can think of and make sure you feel comfortable with your choice of photographer. I will not do any session (especially a newborn session) without having multiple conversations over the phone with my new clients. I want to know everything I can about my clients before the session so that I can give them the best experience I possibly can and produce the best photographs I possible can for each and every one of them. It is so very important for my new mothers to fell like they can trust me and that I know what they are comfortable with, what they are expecting, and also what their style



We ask that you turn your thermostat up before we arrive. You baby will be naked for short periods of time and because they can't regulate their body temperature yet, we need all of the help we can get. It is ok if we are a little sweaty, that how we know baby will be comfortable.


It may seem like torture as a sleep deprived new mother to ask her to keep baby up longer than normal. We don't ask you to do this to make your life harder than it is! In order to have the sleepiest baby we can have we ask that you try your best to make sure when we arrive your baby has a full belly and is ready to sleep as deeply as possible for as long as possible. We will be posing your newborn in those cute little mushy newborn poses and if they are asleep it makes it easier on everyone involved. When baby is awake it can be stressful for them which is why we can only do certain poses when they are asleep. So the more they sleep the more photos you will get. BUT... some babies just have bad days like we all do! IF that is the case and your little one won't settle we will still get some great photos. We just will have to change the session style to make your baby more comfortable.


Don't worry if things get messy! We have been pooped and peed on many times and it isn't an issue. Please don't feel bad or get stressed out. We bring lots of towels and extra wraps and posing backgrounds in case of mishaps.


Babies cry, and your baby is no different. Our job is to make your session and stress free and fun as possible for you and your newborn. The reason we schedule these sessions for 2-4 hours is so that we have plenty of time for potty breaks, feeding breaks and time to soothe your baby back to sleep. If your newborn starts to cry or fuss let us try to work through it. Normally they will just go back to sleep but if you know what they need, speak up! You are the mommy and you know best so let us know what works best or what they need, believe me we appreciate the help. Sometimes they just need their mommies!


You don't need to impress us! Believe me we have seen it all and we know that you haven't hardly gotten any time to sleep let alone clean your house. We only need a small space and will move whatever furniture we need( and put it back afterwards) if we need to. Please we beg you don't clean for us!


Even if you don't feel like you have lost the baby weight, or just don't feel good about yourself, please consider getting in from tof the camera. This time only comes once in your babies life and you will regret it if you don't let us document that sweet bond between a baby and their mother and father. Plus we can always shoot in certain ways or thin you out in post processing if you need us to!


We know you are the lifeline for your newborn. You are supplying them with everything they need which also means you can't do anything with out them right there next to you. Use the time during the session to get a little break and enjoy sitting back and taking in the beauty of your newborn. One of my favorite parts of Newborn sessions are those first cute little smiles we get to see and the coos and sounds they make. Enjoy your session and making these special memories!

If you have a Newborn Session coming up I hope you enjoyed this blog post. We hope you visit our site and contact us if your are looking for a Newborn Photographer. CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW BABY!


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