Newborn Boy in Kevil, New Jersey-NJ Newborn Photography

I feel like babies always come in waves and this summer is going to be the summer of the boys! WE have so many boys due this summer booked so I guess we needed one to warm us up! This precious little guy was so cute! Every baby has their own little quirks ad this guy always had to have his little tongue out. No matter how hard we tried to close his little mouth he always opened it up the minute the camera clicked! We got to use a special blanket and pompom hat that family had given them which made the photos ever more special for Mom and Dad. They also call him their little bear and have his nursery decorated in a bear motif so we had to use out little bear hat for him! Poor Mom had had some complications with her delivery and recovery so we were very impressed with how much of a trooper she was the whole time. We really enjoyed meeting these great parents and their little guy and hope to see them soon! Oh and we forgot to mention they had a Boston Terrier named Bailey just like ours!

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