Twin Newborn Girls, Washington, New Jersey-NJ Newborn Photography

Another Set of Twin girls in the same month! And guess what, they were also Mono Twins! These identical twins are as close as you can possibly be and again it meant mom had a hard journey. She spent an agonizingly long time on bed rest at the hospital and these girls had to spend some time in the NICU after birth until they were strong enough to come home. So needless to say these parents were relived to have them home. On top of their two new bundles of joy they also had a 3 year old son to keep their lives interesting. I don't know how they do it! Their son was very happy to see us and probably would have rather we played with him the whole time instead of with his baby sisters. To keep him interested we decided to start with his brother sister photos. He did such a good job making sure they were safe and once we got him talking he gave us some big smiles. Although, after he was done he wanted Kyle to play trucks with him and didn't like that we had a job to do. The girls were a little older than we normally prefer to have for Newborn sessions but they did a great job. We had a new wooden prop that we were very excited to use and although our attempt at doing win photos with us fails we did get adorable individual photos in it. We decorated the wooden bed (which you can purchase at Newborn Studio Props in the link below)with beautiful purple flowers we bought at Michael's and it turned out very nicely. We can't wait to use it again! When it came time for the family portraits the girls were a little tired so we did the best we could to get Mom and Dad some great shots. Even though their son decided to take a huge spill and then eat a handful of Play-dough in the middle of it(which Carly had to react quickly and catch in her hand!)! What would a session be like without a little excitement! We wish these parents the best of luck, they definatly have their hands full, but seeing what great parents they are we are sure they will handle these little ones like pros! Hope to see them soon for a One year session!

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