Happy Birthday Baby J! Wanaque, NJ Cake Smash Photography

Happy Happy Birthday to this adorable little boy! We were so excited to see this little guy before his 1st Birthday for his Cake smash Session. This One Year old was the cutest and his family are just the sweetest people! As we always do, we started out with a portrait session before things get messy. Dad had this really neat old child's rocking chair that he played with when he was young and we even were able to see the photos too! What special memories for that family to have for the future and hopefully that chair will live on for generations to come! When we brought out the cake Baby J wasn't quite sure what to do with it. We find that either they jump right in or that these kiddos don't quite know what to do and need some reassurance and time to get used to this fun birthday tradition. As you can see in the photos, once he realized that he had this tasty sweet treat all to him self he couldn't get enough! After making huge mess and having tons of fun we washed him off in a bubble bath with some cute rubber duckies! After he splished and splashed around for a bit it was time for some quick family photos and a NAP! What a beautiful family and what a sweet little guy! Enjoy!

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