Casual Winter Maternity Shoot, Cedar Grove NJ Maternity Photographer

What a chilly January day it was for this brave couple! They really were so much fun to work with though! We loved their outfit choices and they really made this shoot come together. We always recommend our clients to think about the location, time of year, and the weather when coordinating outfits and this is proof of how important that is. Making sure you and your family are coordinated and that your outfits are complimenting each other can take a photo from good to GREAT! She didn't need a huge beautiful Maternity gown to make this shoot work. Event though these shots were more casual, it really gave us the chance to concentrate on their love and excitement for their new little girl. Although it was cold they got to snuggle up under a blanket and cuddle close as the sun started to set. We even got to take advantage of the beautiful sunset at the end! And ....Drum roll please...I just got word their baby girl has arrived!!! We cant wait to share the Newborn images with you after the session this week!

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