Big Sisters Are The Best!, Mendham NJ Newborn and Family Photographer

What is better than a big sister! This sweet family asked us to come do their daughter's newborn photo session recently. It was a really sweet and different request though because these parents asked for us to make sure that their oldest daughter was involved in the whole thing. Normally the focus is on the newborn baby and then we do sibling, parent and family photos. But these guys wanted to do this so that they had these special memories to look back on forever. They even upgraded their package to get a "Video Birth Announcement" and of course that was all about the bond between these two girls! It was so special for us to document this families memories! Watching them love on each other and getting to see their eldest daughter take such good care of her new little sis was such a fun time! Newborn photos aren't just for you, they will be left for their siblings and your extended family and even the baby to some day see this special time. Trust me, they will love watching this video and looking at these photos over the years as their relationship grows!

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