This Sitter Session Was A Real Home Run! Morris County, NJ

This future slugger had smiles for days, he loved the fact that he got to pick up the baseballs. Grandpa was helpful as well knowing just how to make this little guy giggle. We were a perfect fit for these clients needs. These clients knew they were having a family party and didn't have a lot of space or time. So instead of lugging a toddler to a studio the day of a stressful family party, we were able to come to them, and do the photoshoot just in time for this little one to get a nap in before the party. Making sure he was happy and cheery when seeing his family guests. Its situations like these that we can help you the most, we came and set up everything leaving mom and dad to attend to party setup. We used only a small section of the dinning room, and made sure to get right down to capturing great images. Grandma and grandpa showed up shortly after us and helped with keeping this little guy happy. After getting everything we needed mom and dad asked if a family shot was possible. We simply moved outside found some great light and captured some loving family images. We got everything we needed and mom and dad wanted with little to no inconvenience to the family party setup, and left everything the way we found it. Now thats what I call a HOME RUN!

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