Maternity Photos on a Summer Night, Chester New Jersey Maternity Photographer

This beautiful yoga momma was such an easy client! She was trooper and stuck out the summer heat to get these beautiful images we took this summer. She looked great in both of the gowns we choose for her and she felt beautiful which is the most important part. We want all of our client to feel like super models even when they may not be feeling their best. Ladies, we all know not everyone LOVES the end of their pregnancy journey. Swollen ankles, feeling like they weigh as much as a house, that pressure on your bladder every time you seem to get comfortable making you run to the bathroom, and then you get to a point where you just want the baby to come out! But this momma truly was radiating. Maybe it was the fact that this yoga teacher was still keeping up her yoga routine up until the last minute or maybe she just was loving being pregnant, but she put her trust in us to make her photos the best they could be. This hot summer day was not ideal for a woman who was about to pop and baby Luna was letting us all know she would be making her arrival very soon. Jessica handled it all with strength and grace. Luna was born not long after, happy and healthy so keep an eye out for the blog post about her newborn session.

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