Boys Are Just The Best, Jersey City, New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Trick or treat? It wasn't even close, it was most defiantly a treat to meet and work with this wonderful family. This session was the morning after Halloween. We arrived right after breakfast and big brother was already wanting to eat and show us all the candy he got trick or treating the night before. Like a lot of little boys his age he was a big fan super heros and dressed up as one of them for Halloween. After taking the family pictures, which may have taken a few piece of candy to get done, (wink, wink) we got to concentrate on the newborn photos, mom watched from the couch happily while their little angel posed for his model debut. Dad and big brother were involved in an intense super hero vs bad guy scenario in the other room, giving us the time and space to complete the newborn photos. This also gave mom a chance to look through our many wraps and props picking out the ones that she really liked. We got to see big brother's newborn photos proudly hung through out the house, we were so glad to be able to add to their memories and we know they will cherish these photos forever as well!

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