A Warm Wedding On A Cold Night, Belvidere New Jersey, Bello Giorno Wedding Photographer

You can't tell in any of these wedding photos but this warm couple got married at a beautiful location on a cold night. We arrived at Bello Giorno a while before the wedding to capture the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready, and get some portrait shots of the groom and all his groomsmen. What a fun couple to work with, not once did anyone complain about the cold or any other inconveniences, because everyone was more focused on making this wedding day one to remember.

These two are perfect for each other, both are teachers but when out of the classroom they are all about living every moment to its fullest. Before the wedding started we all had a good laugh when the bride "iced" her soon to be husband. This was new to us, but someone sneaks a Smirnoff Ice to you and then your forced to chug it right then and there, it's a drinking game they play. Well he took it in stride and lived up to his end of the bargain while we captured a quick video for them to enjoy later. After a windy and chilly ceremony, everyone made their way into the reception hall at Bella Giorno, a great DJ kept a good mix of music going all night long. The bride and groom and their guests had some real endurance! The only time they stopped dancing was to eat, cut the cake, and play a few games. We captured all the really touching moments, like the bride dancing with her mother, and the groom dancing with his, plus all the fun and games.

Just like all the wedding we shoot we arrive long before hand and don't leave till after the last dance After shooting their engagement session (yes all our wedding packages come with a engagement session),leading up to the wedding we wanted to get all the details and learn about all the bride and grooms exceptions for their wedding day, so we took care of this at the also included in person pre wedding consultation at a local coffee shop and talked about what they were exactly looking for and the moments and pictures that were really important to them. These meetings are so important so we know what our couple is expecting but also surprise them with some ideas they maybe didn't think of or just weren't expecting. We shoot weddings all over New Jersey, so if your still looking for a photographer give us a chance to wow you starting from your first phone call till we deliver your images afterwards. So we can capture the memories of your once in a lifetime moment.

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