A Proud Mom Shares Her Culture and Newborn, Washington, New Jersey, Newborn Photographer

This happy and proud mother hired us to capture some stunning images of her newborn. WE love meeting our clients, they are all from different places culturally or situationally all bringing different perspectives and needs. WE love to learn about where they come from, who they are and what is important to them. The one thing that they al have in common is the importance they put on documenting their memories. The challenge we have is capturing those memories and telling their story through our lens. WE work so hard and have learn over the years to artistically bring out the true essence of whoever is in front of our camera. One of the coolest parts of this session was that there were three different generations of women in our shoot. Our clients mother and grandmother were all there to help and love on her new baby girl. They were all so elated to take there pictures with the baby and gave us some great smiles even with a language barrier. Because I believe the grandmother and other family members had traveled from their home county to be here it was a once and a life time moment that cant be replicated.

As we were shooting mom shared with us that she had won a newborn shoot, she had that shoot done a short time before ours because she wasn't sure that she would be able to find a newborn photographer. She was amazed by our whole process, our professionalism, variety and quality of props and our knowledge and skill of newborn posing. Everything from our handling of the baby to the quality of our equipment had her blown away after experiencing another photographer who didn't really meet her needs. Mom took notice of our care for her child and our love for what we do. When choosing a newborn photographer it is so important that you choose a professional who is experienced. Is it very important to remember that these are your memories and the images that will be passed down to generations and quality over quantity and price is key. Newborn photography is hard, it may look easy but I dare anyone to try and quickly, even an experienced photographer, will tell you that Newborn Photography is whole different ball game. The hours we have and continue to invest in our education separates us from just regular photographers or hobbyists. Although there is nothing wrong with being a hobbiest, there is so much more to it! When your newborn baby is concerned you need to make sure you choose the best. We are happy to provide this proud momma, and all of our other clients, with beautiful images, a wonderful experience, and give their babies the care they deserve. Every parent deserves the newborn shoot they envision, we love what we do and would love to share that with you. Use our contact page on our website to get in contact with us, and let us answer any questions you may have!

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