A Walk In The Woods, Long Valley, New Jersey, Maternity Photographer

This couple had a special love for the outdoors, so it was without saying that we had to have her outside for her maternity shoot. It was still very late winter, not quite spring yet in New Jersey, and the green on the plants and trees hadn't made its way out yet. So we knew we would be dealing with a lot of earth tones, this was fine with us because our large client closet let her pick dresses that would compliment these tones nicely. Once we started shooting this couple took like fish to water, they worked well with our directions and improvising a little on their own as well. You can tell mom really felt as beautiful as she looked, and WOW did she look stunning! That special "glow" that many people talk about but most pregnant women scoff at. Her eyes especially were mesmerizing and the excitement and connection between theses two expecting first time parents was magical. Making memories like these, is what we are all about. We love personalizing every aspect of a shoot so that the final result speaks volumes and each detail adds up to what you see below in their beautiful gallery. This applies for all types of shoots we do, not just maternity, the feeling that you were there. Meeting our beautiful clients, seeing them through their life journey and seeing their faces after they receive there images is what its all about!

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