Don't Forget The Furry Family Members! Watchung, New Jersey, Newborn Photographer

We get it, our puppies are our children as well! That is why we always encourage our clients (as long as it is safe) to include their pets in all important sessions.

Well this new mother didn't need any encouragement! Their two Yorkie babies are going play a pivotal role in this little girls life ( as all dogs do with their kiddos) so they needed their own time to shine. These two furry family members were great little models and we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves for clients who's pets either dont love benign the spot light or have a little too much energy to be that close to such a little sleeping baby. Treats, not just any treats but the mouth watering "i'll do anything for that" kind of treats, can be used as leverage. We even have used peanut butter when needed to get shots of the dogs sniffing licking the babies or to get the fur-babies to stay when looking at the camera. For other instances (as safety is always our TOP priority) we can make what is called a composite images. Composites are done for many of our other shots like the one up top here, to achieve beautiful shots that would in all reality not be safe for a newborn baby. For the shot above called "the froggy pose" we take two images. One where I hold the top of the babies head for support and the other where I am holding the chin and hands. We put those two shots together and VAULA, its like magic! We do this alot for shots with pets to get that P-U-R-F-E-C-T shot! In fact in one of the set-ups for this session we combined 3 different images to make the final as I wanted shot with both of the dogs next to the baby in our curved branch prop. We took different shots of the dogs and then put them together so that both dogs looked the way we wanted them and then added a good photo of the baby!

Baby was a pleasure to work with sleeping through the majority of the session and even when we added in her furry protectors. Mom and dad each took a turn holding their bundle of joy for some shots and then we had them come together for a few more. We ended the shoot by moving up to the master bedroom where we got some shots of the whole family cuddling together (I think the dogs were a little worn out at this point). I am loving the neutrals in this gallery and moms outfit, even though it was simple, was perfection. As much asI love color I can't get enough of these smooth neutral tones with a little complimentary pink, purple, green and yellow. This timeless look will never fade!

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